The Eh’haeusl – The Marriage House

The Eh’haeusl – “the smallest hotel in the world” – is located in the heart of the Churpfalz city of Amberg. Beginning here you should explore the city. Be inspired by the charm of the Middle Ages. Narrow lanes traverse the Old Town which is surrounded by fortified ramparts, towers and moats. Wander freely through history.

Allow some time as well for a guided tour of Amberg. During the tour you will learn many historical, cultural, and personal facts and oddities as well as local trivia. For example did you know that the inventor of the popular board game “Mensch aergere dich nicht”, (Ludo in English), was born in Amberg on November 24, 1871?

Throughout your visit you will experience the idyllic charm of this medieval jewel. By the time you leave you will have created a lifelong bond both with the Eh’haeusl and the wonderful city of Amberg.



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