A Short History

The Eh’haeusl has been steeped in the history of the Churpfalz (Electorate of the Palatinate) city of Amberg since it was built in 1728. It was totally renovated in 2008 to reflect its exclusive status as a luxury retreat.
The Eh’haeusl has a long and glorious past.

Its story begins in 1728. At that time it was still necessary to provide proof of landownership to the city council if a young couple wished to wed. In order to circumvent this rule a clever businessman built a house in the 2 ½ meter (8 feet 2 ½ inches) space between two existing buildings in the Seminargasse. He finished the house by putting up a wall in the front, one in the back and a roof on the top. The house was rapidly completed providing real proof that you could be a landowner. One could buy the house, get married, and sell it to the next prospective groom. Ever since then this house has been called the Eh’haeusl (Ehe-Haus or marriage house) in the local dialect. The name continues to be used to this day. It is not only a deluxe class retreat but also the “smallest hotel in the world”.